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Get Inspired by Sri Lanka

Get inspired by Sri Lanka – the jewel of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is named best place to travel in 2019. This beautiful paradise is becoming increasingly desirable to travelers thanks to its amazing landscapes, long and beautiful beaches, delicious food, exuberant wildlife and welcoming locals. People come here not only for its incredible scenery as well as its amazing wildlife but also for mystical temples and rich mix of cultures. Transport network that has been renovated in the last few years makes Sri Lanka more accessible than ever and offers many scenic routes considered as one of the most beautiful in the world.

10 top things to do in Sri Lanka


1. Take the train

I recommend taking a train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya or the other way round as it will give you the opportunity to see the most scenic and picturesque views of the Sri Lankan countryside along the way. Nuwara Eliya, known as Sri Lanka’s “Little England”, is still rich of colonial buildings and stuffy hotels faithful to the British trait.

2. Visit Kandy


The sacred city of Kandy itself is without a doubt the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. It is a good alternative to the capital city of Colombo due to its cooler climate and smaller size. There really is nowhere better to experience the vibrant culture Sri Lanka has to offer as this place offers world unique festivals and parades. The city is a mixture of colonial-era and Kandyan architecture. None is more impressive than the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic – home to Sri Lanka’s most sacred relic, a tooth of  Buddha.

3. Polonnaruwa


Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned archeological relic cities in the country and has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Another draw for tourists are toque macaques. The monkeys have been living in the ruins since human occupation.

4.Parki Narodowe


Minneriya national park is an unmissable place to witness one of the largest elephant gathering in Sri Lanka. In the dry season herds of these beautiful mammals graze on its rich and fertile grasses. The gathering peaks in during August and September so that is the best time to visit this place and to see the most elephants. Of course you can experience wildlife in many national parks where you can spot all kinds of animals.

5. Sigriya


Sigriya is the mystical rock fortress. The ruins of this ancient civilization rise 200 metres above the surrounding jungle and cannot be omitted during your stay in Sri Lanka. Its stunning architectural feat makes an impression. We advise to be there before 8 am when it opens to avoid huge lines and crowds of people.

6. Pidarungala Rock – bliźniaczka Sigriyi


Only three kilometres seperates Pidurangala from its twin rock Sigriya. If you want to avoid crowds and look at the Sri Lankan symbol from a different perspective, Pidurangala Rock is an excellent alternative. Going up is quite demanding, because one has to overcome a few difficult parts squeezing through rocks or climb on stone lumps. The views, however, will compensate for the effort to get to the top.

7. Explore the beaches


Sri Lanka is a year round holiday destination and has some beautiful beaches along the coastline. December to March is the best month if you are heading to the south or west coast. If you want to go to the east coast you will get the best weather from April to September.

8. Do whale watching

Whale watching in Mirissa

Do not miss whale safari to observe Blue Whale, Killer Whale, Striped Dolphin, Spinner Dolphin or Manta Ray near Mirissa. It is one of the most incredible activities you can do while in Sri Lanka. Keep in mind that the whale season watching runs from November to April, as during the rest of the year, the water is too rough due to the monsoon season.

9. Go hiking in the mountains

Those who love active holidays Sri Lanka will be an amazing place to visit. It offers lots of hiking routes where you can experience pure nature. You will get amazing views from some summits like Adam’s Peak or Little Adam’s Peak in Ella. Also one can admire stunning sights visiting Hortron’s Plains.

10. Try Ayuverdic massage

Try a sculp massage followed by a full body massage with special herbal oils. It is so relaxing! After that you will be brought to a steam room with herbal leaves covering the floor where you can relax, sweat and breathe in the herbal steam. What a bliss!


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