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About me

Traveling accompanies me from an early age. My grandfather worked on the railways and every summer after the end of the school year he came to me from the other end of Poland and took me to Masuria for two months. I loved these trips. I do not go there anymore, but the desire to travel remained. No matter if it is by train, by bus, by car or on foot.

I am an amateur traveler and a passionate traveler who, at least once a year, tries to see a new place. I can honestly say that it is always a long anticipated, active holiday. Going somewhere for two weeks I want to experience time intensely but also to stay in a wonderful place, relax and absorb its atmosphere. I hope that the photos can partially reflect it.

For whom and why I write? This question has occupied my head for a long time. It’s time to sort out some photos, collect travel stories, some experiences and throw them into one “bag”, in other words a blog. In a sense, I do it for myself, but above all, to inspire others to travel and share their passion of learning new worlds, cultures, people and customs, for people who would like to start independent travel but do not have the courage or do not know how. Organizational talents may be hidden in you. In fact, organizing a trip for yourself, your relatives or friends may turn out to be a fantastic adventure that will fill you with pride.

My name is Dagmara. I am a philologist of English and I work with youth on a daily basis. In addition to practical tips on the blog, you will also find my travel stories that make traveling a really cool thing which is worth trying regardless of age, job or language restrictions. Somewhere, I’ve heard a phrase: “if you do not try, you will not know…”. I am convinced of one thing – by traveling in this way you will experience situations that will remain your greatest memory and you will certainly discover yourself.


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